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CityJet Careers : Current Vacancies With Us Is Opened .

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Working for CityJet

CityJet is an equal opportunities employer. We always seek to recruit the best applicants for each role based solely on you as a person, your skills and experience.

Our industry is fast paced and dynamic, with safety our paramount focus. We offer a variety of career choices in the air or on the ground and never lose sight of the importance of every single staff member in making up our team.  We have seen huge changes in CityJet, and indeed the aviation industry, in recent years and today we are positioned as a major participant in the delivery of wet lease services to European airlines, offering our staff the opportunity to work in a truly international environment.

​Everybody at CityJet plays a key role in the delivery of our product to our customer airlines. We aim to provide an enjoyable work environment with opportunities for career enhancement throughout.   Some people stay with us for many years, others for a shorter period, but our objective is to ensure that, at all points, your time at CityJet will help you to achieve your ultimate career goals.

​CityJet recognises that we all have lives outside of our jobs and respect that everyone must have a work/life balance in order to achieve both personal and professional objectives.  For crew, we aim to provide roster patterns to allow you to make plans which suit you. Additionally, as many of our operations require the aircraft to spend a number of days away from base, you may bid to do more or less overnight duties.  Where possible for ground-based personnel, we offer flexible working conditions to allow you to mix home-working with office time.

​Our fleet today consists of 22 CRJ900 regional jets, mainly based in Copenhagen and Sweden.


Pilots already type-rated on the CRJ series are always welcome to apply. We also run type-rating courses for suitable candidates.  We regularly recruit experienced cabin crew but also provide ab initio training for suitable candidates to join our team.

​Flight Deck and Cabin Crew training courses are generally run from our training centre in Copenhagen Airport, with the majority of CRJ900 simulator training and checks performed in Amsterdam.

​Flying roles will involve being based at one of our European locations where we fly on behalf of a customer airline. Our main contract today is with SAS Scandinavian Airlines, for whom we operate from Copenhagen and Stockholm to destinations within Scandinavia and across Europe. Many duties require overnights away from base – crews may bid a preference for these or to maximise nights at base.  Accommodation and overnight allowances apply when away from base.

Our crews experience the endless daylight of Scandinavian summers and the awe-inspiring sights throughout the winter season. Be prepared for some spectacular views from the “office”!

​On board, you will operate on behalf of our customer airlines and represent CityJet in delivering a consistently excellent service.

Support Services

Keeping an airline flying requires a well-coordinated team on the ground to ensure everything runs smoothly and that all parts of the organisation are focused on the same end goal – operating safe and efficient flights for our customer airlines.

​Our ground-based support organisation is at the heart of our service delivery, including in our dynamic Operations Control Centre in Dublin managing the 24/7 movement of our aircraft, our planning roles matching aircraft and crew to the demands of a complex operation or in our maintenance and engineering functions ensuring that our fleet is fit and ready for service.

​We offer a wide range of ground-base support roles across Dublin, Copenhagen and London Luton and frequently recruit for talented people to join our teams.

Our head office location at Dublin Airport is home to the majority of our business support functions, including Commercial, Engineering, Finance, HR, IT, Quality & Compliance, Security and Flight Safety as well as all functions across our operational planning, crewing and operations control. Our crew planning and rostering centre is based near Luton Airport, London whilst our Copenhagen Airport office supports our HR and engineering functions, as well as being our major line maintenance base.

​Our technology has enabled many ground-based staff to work remotely for part of the working week, so you can blend “home office” and “office office” to suit your lifestyle.

Company Culture

We seek to work together in an open culture where all staff members have an opportunity to discuss or raise issues of concern and receive direct feedback.  As an employer, we respect the right to representation where desired and facilitate collective labour agreements in line with local legislation in our locations.  For long term wet lease contracts, our policy is to establish crew bases and payroll structures where crew are located when feasible.

​For full transparency, CityJet hosts a bi-monthly Teams call with all management present which is open to all staff to participate in, including a Q&A covering any subject anyone wishes to raise. We are all part of one team, all focused on the same goal so we see it as important that we do all possible to ensure everyone feels a sense of belonging and team spirit and is also aware of the issues which are relevant to the business going forward.

​Our CityCare programme allows staff to propose a charity or good cause which is close to their heart to be supported financially each month by the company whilst we also regularly support good causes at a corporate level.

​We are also conscious of the environment and the need for us all to work together to secure the future of our planet.  Our activities in this area touch all parts of the company, including adapting flying techniques to reduce fuel consumption, the replacement of lighting in our offices and hangar to energy-efficient LED and indeed our investment in Electric Aviation Group to support the development of new hydrogen-based technologies to deliver the aircraft of the future.

We all take pride in the service we deliver to our customer airlines and passengers.

This shared pride is what makes “Operated by CityJet” special

Jobs TitleLocation
Fast Track Cabin SupervisorCopenhagen, Denmark
Shared Services AssistantCopenhagen, Denmark
Direct Entry Cabin Supervisor CopenhagenCopenhagen, Denmark
Stores Materials Coordinator CPHCopenhagen, Denmark
Cabin Crew Copenhagen No experienceCopenhagen, Denmark
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