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Icelandair : Lateste Vacancies and Career Development.

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About Icelandair

Icelandair is a leading airline offering flights to, from, via and within Iceland – our hub and home. We provide safe, reliable flights with exceptional service to metropolitan areas on both sides of the Atlantic. Flying domestically within Iceland and to destinations in Greenland, Icelandair is a leading option for Transatlantic travel.

The airline operates out of Iceland and makes use of the country’s geographical location, midway between North America and Europe, to build an ever-growing network of international routes, with Iceland as a hub

Icelandair Group has put sustainability at the top of the agenda. The company is committed to doing what it takes to succeed in this area and has developed clear goals and action plans based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

We run an active fuel-monitoring program aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. Pilots are trained in flying techniques such as CDA (constant descent approach) and RAA (reduced acceleration altitude), which result in less noise pollution and reduced fuel consumption. Using software, each pilot can monitor their individual contribution to fuel savings as well as compare their efforts to that of colleagues.

We use a centralized tactical fleet management program to actively manage aircraft in the air, to reduce flying speed and thus fuel consumption of aircraft that are likely to arrive ahead of schedule.

At Icelandair, we like to emphasize the common purpose of our enterprise, that we are all in the same team. Every department of the company plays an important role in providing quality service to our customers.

At Icelandair, we are all part of one team. Our core values – simplicity, responsibility and passion – guide us in everything that we do and provide the foundation for our company culture. 

When a new strategic vision was introduced in 2019, we crystalized our aim to bring the spirit of Iceland to the world. This is a spirit of warmth, optimism and determination. 

In keeping this as our focus, we are able to deliver smooth and enjoyable travel experiences for our customers and build a strong feeling of connectedness within Icelandair. 

Would you like to join the team?

Icelandair is a diverse, forward-looking company proud of its culture of teamwork and high performance. 

The highly capable and loyal group of employees is one of the company’s greatest assets. Our staff come from a range of backgrounds and work across many different domains, in an environment marked by cooperation and constant innovation.

We are always on the lookout for new, talented people. We aim to create a safe and comfortable working space, and to provide strong and motivating opportunities for career development.

The workplace

We appreciate innovation in all its forms, whether it’s in the realm of aircraft maintenance, software development, marketing, or in any of the numerous fields within aviation.

We emphasize:

  • the health and safety of our staff
  • high-quality training and competence development
  • gender equality
  • diversity
  • a creative, supportive environment

Jobs Title
Flight Kitchen – Stock – Keflavik Airport  
Icelandair Cargo Warehouse – Keflavik Airport  
Pricing Analyst – Reykjavík  
Passenger Service – Keflavik Airport  
Flight Kitchen – Production – Keflavik Airport  
Flight Kitchen – Catering – Keflavik Airport  
Aircraft cleaning and security search – Keflavik Airport  
Ramp and Baggage hall – Keflavik Airport  
Domestic – General application – Domestic Airports  
Kef – General application – Keflavik Airport  
General application – Icelandair  
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