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Swiss Air Lines : Our Hiring Is Opened in Aug 2022.

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Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is Switzerland’s largest air carrier. With one of Europe’s most advanced and carbon-efficient aircraft fleets, SWISS is a premium airline that provides direct flights from Zurich and Geneva to keep Switzerland connected with Europe and the world. Its Swiss WorldCargo division offers an extensive range of airport-to-airport airfreight services for high-value, time-critical and care-intensive consignments.

As The Airline of Switzerland, SWISS embodies its home country’s traditional values and is dedicated to delivering the highest product and service quality.

The company has also committed to the ambitious climate goals of halving its 2019 net carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and making its operations entirely carbon-neutral by 2050, particularly by promoting the use of sustainable aviation fuels. SWISS is part of the Lufthansa Group and is also a member of Star Alliance, the world’s biggest airline network.

Fleet (as of 1 March 2022)

SWISS owns a total of 89 aircraft of the following types:

Aircraft typeNumber
Airbus A220-1009
Airbus A220-30021
Airbus A32013
Airbus A320neo5
Airbus A3218
Airbus A321neo2
Airbus A330-30014
Airbus A340-3005
Boeing 777-300ER12

Our culture

Our strength lies in the exceptional service we offer on a person-to-person basis, this is what makes each flight a true air travel experience, worldwide. The SWISS corporate culture is the foundation that underpins our thoughts and actions.

It is the shared pursuit of continually improving and always being open to new ideas. In this way, our interactions are based on mutual appreciation and trust, and we believe in complete collaboration.

We are driven by a passion for exceptional performance, in the spirit of our guiding principle, “Being SWISS means going the extra mile – always”. This is why we always take responsibility for what we do and get the job done – that is our defining quality and why we keep finding new ways to make SWISS stronger and better.

The SWISS company culture plays a decisive role in our ability to turn participation into teamwork, obligation into dependability, an employer into a mentor and a service into added value. Our employees are happy to talk about this culture in their own words, because our motto is: Truly SWISS… where people matter.

Offers for employees

Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary – SWISS is especially good at that. Above all when it involves the well-being of our employees.

Fringe benefits

Our exclusive partnerships help us make a wide array of fringe benefits available to them. That means flights and travel, but also includes safety, health, mobility and leisure.

Jobs TitleLocation
Flight Operations Data Analyst (100%, all genders)Zürich/Kloten
Strategic Procurement Management – Cabin Interior (80-100%, all genders)Zürich/Kloten
Cabin Crew Member Base Zürich (100%, all genders)Zurich
Simulator Maintenance Engineer 100% (m/f/divers)Opfikon
Training Planning (80-100%, all genders)Zürich/Kloten
AMOS Application Support Specialist (with 2 years deployment in Miami) (100%, all genders) at SWISS Aviation SoftwareBasel
Full Stack Software Engineer in Java & Dart (100%, all genders) at SWISS Aviation SoftwareAllschwil
Internship in Business Intelligence, Commercial Offer (limited 6 months, 100%, all genders)Zürich/Kloten
Product Owner – Product Owner Business to Business (100%, all genders) at SWISS Aviation SoftwareAllschwil
Full Stack/All-round Software Engineer for In-house Tools Development (100%, all genders) at SWISS Aviation SoftwareAllschwil
Praktikum Commercial Distribution Sales Services (100%, all genders)Zürich/Kloten
Cloud Engineer (100%, all genders) at SWISS Aviation SoftwareAllschwil
Team Leader Customer Service Operation (80-100%, all genders)Basel
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