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Swiss International Airlines : Lateste Careers With Us.

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Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is Switzerland’s largest air carrier. With one of Europe’s most advanced and carbon-efficient aircraft fleets, SWISS is a premium airline that provides direct flights from Zurich and Geneva to keep Switzerland connected with Europe and the world. Its Swiss WorldCargo division offers an extensive range of airport-to-airport airfreight services for high-value, time-critical and care-intensive consignments.

As The Airline of Switzerland, SWISS embodies its home country’s traditional values and is dedicated to delivering the highest product and service quality.

The company has also committed to the ambitious climate goals of halving its 2019 net carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and making its operations entirely carbon-neutral by 2050, particularly by promoting the use of sustainable aviation fuels. SWISS is part of the Lufthansa Group and is also a member of Star Alliance, the world’s biggest airline network.

Corporate Procurement

SWISS stands for quality and service. One important foundation for this are the goods and services provided by our suppliers, who are right at the beginning of the supply chain. Every year, we transport 16 million passengers, all of whom, directly or indirectly, come into contact with our suppliers’ products. We are therefore constantly seeking partners who are able to help us live up to our promise to our customers. In order to be able to operate economically, we live a culture of continuous cost and quality optimisation, which enables us to offer our customers an attractive service.

As a part of the Lufthansa Group, we also benefit from a strong purchasing community. At the same time, though, we are also independent enough to be able to procure through our purchasing department all the goods and services that make us the leading Swiss airline.

Our work environment

With SWISS as an employer, you can expect that decisive ‘something more’ when it comes to appeal.

If detail creates a love for detail, if quality engenders high-quality hospitality, nationality leads to internationalism, change brings about a richness of variety, a job becomes an experience, from SWISS comes a world full of inspiration.

Aviation has always fascinated everyone, young and old, all around the globe, and as a Swiss airline company, SWISS is one of the world’s leading airlines. And it is very easy to explain who we have to thank for this: our more than 9,000 employees with their special passion for flying. We do a great deal to give our employees outstanding perspectives and we value every personal contribution however small it may be.

Jobs TitleLocation
AMOS Business Consultant (Miami) (100%, all genders) at SWISS Aviation SoftwareAllschwil
AMOS Business Consultant (Miami) (100%, all genders) at SWISS Aviation SoftwareMiami (FL)
Procurement IT Tool Admin and Development (40-50%, all genders)Zürich/Kloten
Business Consultant / Finance & Accounting (100%, all genders) at SWISS Aviation SoftwareAllschwil
Project Management Crew Apps (80-100%, all genders)Zürich/Kloten
Ground Time Management (80-100%, all genders)Zürich/Kloten
Aircraft Systems Engineer (100%, all genders)Zurich
IT Business Analyst & Project Leader (80-100%, all genders)Zürich/Kloten
Aircraft Engineer B1/B2 (100%, all genders)Zurich
IT System Engineer Linux (100%, all genders) at SWISS Aviation SoftwareAllschwil
Test Engineer for A/C Maintenance and Flight Operations (100%, all genders) at SWISS Aviation SoftwareAllschwil
Revenue Management Analyst (80 – 100%, all genders)Zürich/Kloten
Direct Entry First Officer A340 (100%, all genders)Zürich/Kloten
Business Analyst Offer Portfolio & Pricing Solutions (50%, all genders)Zürich/Kloten
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