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WIZZ Air Careers : Job Openings Discover The One For You .

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For many people in our core markets, WIZZ was the brand that brought them their first ever flight. We take pride in this and built a successful business around this simple mission – offering more affordable travel opportunities to discover Europe and beyond.

We challenge ourselves daily to be the most loved low cost airline. Some might say that’s ambitious, but in 15 years we’ve defied the odds, becoming Europe’s fastest growing and greenest airlines.

Continuing to connect you to the experiences, places and people that matter the most at the best price, is at the heart of the WIZZ brand.


At WIZZ we believe that every trip you take, every encounter and experience you have, leaves its mark and builds the person you are. As the airline that has one of the most unique destination networks in Europe, we are here to take you to these places – so you can fly away from boredom, fill up on experiences, live through moments and make new memories.


Employee satisfaction

Our 2020 employee engagement survey showed that our employees are highly engaged with an overall score of 81%, which is higher than the average score in the industry. The general satisfaction within the WIZZ Team is 80%, while 78% of our people were inspired by the purpose and mission of the organisation.

People development

We continue to deliver world-class training to our people. From COVID-19 and technical trainings for our crew to leadership trainings for our office employees, we are focusing on giving the right tools to our employees so they can own their development and progress in their career.

Wizz Air Pilot Academy

We run our own Pilot Academy which provides financial support, including partial sponsorship, to motivated cadets during their initial training. Pilot Academy cadets who successfully graduate from the programme can begin their employment at Wizz Air as Pilot Trainees.

Jobs TitleLocation
Scheduling and Slots StudentBudapest, HU, H-1103
Pilot Recruitment ManagerBudapest, HU, H-1103
Cabin Crew – for Ukrainian citizensBudapest, HU, H-1103
Crew PlannerBudapest, HU, H-1103
Wizz Air Pilot Academy ProgrammeWizz Air Group, HU, H-1103
HR Systems Project ManagerBudapest, HU, H-1103
Evidence Collection Agent StudentBudapest, HU, H-1103
Crew Logistics ManagerBudapest, HU, H-1103
Direct Entry Captain – Non-Type RatedWizz Air Group, HU, H-1103
First Officer – Non-Type Rated – Cadet LevelWizz Air Group, HU, H-1103
Direct Entry Captain – A320 Type RatedWizz Air Group, HU, H-1103
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