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AirAsia Careers : Cabin Crew Walk-In Interview (November 2022)

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The AirAsia Cabin Crew is an iconic brand, from our red uniform to our warm, bright smiles. We pride ourselves in being a breath of fresh air compared to other airlines’ conventional cabin crew. We’re fun, hardworking, and committed to making AirAsia the best airline.

If you’ve been thinking about a career in the skies, here are our core requirements to fly with the AirAsia Cabin Crew:

Great Personality:

To us personality is everything. We want fun, team players who are positive, outgoing, love to work and serve people. You must show determination, persistence, a Make It Happen attitude with an inexhaustible smile, boundless energy, and great love for working with an iconic brand.

Even though we take fun seriously, hard work is second nature as well. In reality, you’ll be on your feet for hours, on many sectors, working irregular hours, handling conflicts and issues, cleaning the cabin and toilets, and working on the tarmac or at the gates.

Being firm when needed is very important. Key elements to this job include giving instructions during emergencies, calming a tense situation, or enforcing certain rules and regulations.

Of course, we want it all – we want a great personality with great looks too! But we’re not looking for catwalk models that do not care about giving good service to our guests or being nice to their colleagues. AirAsia is not just an “employer”, because we see ourselves as “family”.

Age is nothing but a number

If you’re 18 years and above, we want you!

Working hours

As a Cabin Crew, your working hours are based on productivity. The more shifts you take on, the better your earnings.

How should I look?

At AirAsia, we pride ourselves in giving our Cabin Crew the freedom of being themselves. You can style your hair as you like, as long as it looks presentable.

Yes, good looks are important but good grooming is essential for an AirAsia Cabin Crew member. Here’s what we look out for:

  • Flawless skin (without acne marks)
  • No visible marks on the hands and legs
  • No braces
  • Nice, healthy-looking hair (Men may have long hair, with the understanding that they may be required to have short hair if hired.)

Are you ready to fly with us?

Please refer to the requirements below to prep for your interview session. Good luck!


  • Ladies: minimum 157cm barefoot
  • Men: minimum 170cm barefoot
    **Minimum arm reach of 210cm

Walk-In Interview Details:

Date: Saturday, 12th November 2022
Time: 09:00AM – 10:30AM
Venue: AirAsia RedQ Office

Please bring along the following documents for interview preparations:

  1. Updated CV/Resume
  2. Original & copy of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with CREDIT in English or any substitute credentials, pass (D) in Bahasa Malaysia, and one other credit in another subject (for Malaysians)
  3. Original and copy of completed college Diploma or Degree (with Transcript) and must be fluent in English (for Indonesians & Filipinos)
  4. Original & copies of MYKad (Malaysians) / passport (Indonesians & Filipinos)
  5. Original / copies of vaccination digital certificate
  6. Original & copies of certificates of higher education or equivalent.
  7. TOEIC with 650 score (if SPM English is not a credit or substitute if English language was not taken during college/ university)elf!

Dress Code:

  • Office Attire & female a must to come in a knee-length skirt and be yourself!


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