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Our Recruitment Process In Virgin Atlantic 2022.

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Want to work for Virgin Atlantic?

From humble beginnings with a very small team and one 747 flying just one route, Virgin Atlantic now has a global network and employs thousands of wonderful people the world over. As much as we’ve grown, there’s still this feeling of family and home that really makes Virgin Atlantic a special place to work, and a special airline for our customers to fly.

Our people are a passionate lot, united in creating something really special and something different. Whenever you board one of our aircraft, chill out in our Clubhouses or come to work here, you’ll feel part of it. It’s always been like this. It’s in our DNA and it was ignited within us from the moment we starting flying.

To get us off the ground every day, there’s lots of hard work involved with lots of different kinds of people doing different jobs. It’s the fact we all love the airline, believe in what we do and have a lot of fun doing it that really helps us pull together to create the fantastic service that we’ve become world famous for.

Our Values

We are on a journey to be the most loved travel company who delivers amazing things. As we accelerate to our blazing best, we bring results through experiences and partnership. But being Virgin means more than just results. Being Virgin is about how we get them, and the values we place at the core of our journey will help us thread love through every move we make.

Virgin Atlantic Community

Loads of our staff have taken part in our fantastic adventures, raising money to help improve the lives of people who live in poverty in the places we fly to. We’re really proud of our achievements, which you can read about here.

It’s hard to bottle what makes us different, but it’s got a lot to do with the warmth and natural friendliness that you’ll experience from Virgin Atlantic people. It’s not something that’s easy to describe but you’ll know it when you see it. It’s in our blood. It’s the reason that people choose to take journeys with us again and again. Because when you love flying as much as we do, the getting there is just as important as being there…

Think benefits. Think you. Think Eve.

Our pioneering spirit and passion keeps our brand alive, and with one of the best concessionary packages in the industry we give our people the rewards and benefits that they deserve. Eve is our bespoke portal which is filled with benefits to help our people in various areas of life. Our benefits are made up of core company paid benefits, and a variety of flexible benefits that are available to select annually.

We provide you with a ‘Flex Fund’ to spend on the benefits that make most sense to you as an individual and aim to help save money and look after yourself and your family*. This is about helping you to look after the big things, so you can enjoy life’s little moments.


Virgin Atlantic offer a contract based Defined Contribution (DC) pension in the form of a Group Personal Pension Plan, which simply means that you have your own individual pension Plan within the Group. The Plan is a retirement savings plan which is set up on a salary sacrifice basis so it is efficient and flexible in order to provide you with an income in the future.

You pay into the plan based on your pensionable salary and your chosen level of contribution and Virgin Atlantic also contributes to the plan. You also benefit from tax relief.

Jobs TitleLocation
Commercial Performance Manager  Crawley, West Sussex
Principal Enterprise Solution Architect  Crawley, West Sussex
Principal Enterprise Value Stream Architect  Crawley, West Sussex
Integration Architect  Crawley, West Sussex
Enterprise Value Stream Architect  Crawley, West Sussex
Enterprise Solution Architect  Crawley, West Sussex
Enterprise Security Architect  Crawley, West Sussex
Customer Service Advisor  Los Angeles, CA
Engineer – Technical Operations  London Heathrow Airport
Personal Travel Advisor  Swansea
Supervisor – Personal Travel  Exeter
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