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The world is yours

At KLM a world of opportunities lies at your feet. Whether you work on board up in the skies or with both feet firmly on the ground: every day there’s something new to see, learn and discover! We’ll challenge you to not only see the possibilities but to grab them with both hands too, resulting in you getting the best out of yourself and making the most of your career.

Historic company, brand new technology

KLM is continually developing, searching for innovative applications. Since our first flights at the beginning of the last century we have been discovering new worlds, first literally and now figuratively. For example, we dive into our gigantic data lakes to reduce fuel consumption. Or, for example, we blur the lines between reality and virtuality when applying VR and AR during training sessions for cabin crew. Not bad for a 103 year-old lady, wouldn’t you say?

Concrete and tangible work

Take a look around you when you’re at, or in the vincinty, of Schiphol. Or try looking up to the skies for a change. Notice anything? Our processes are occurring before your very eyes. From flight handling to aircraft maintenance and from digital check-in to the most sustainable fleet imaginable. It doesn’t get more tangible than this. If you’ve had to roll up your shirt sleeves, or those of your uniform or overalls, all day, you instantly see what it’s all been for!

Taking your career to new heights

By choosing for a career with KLM, you’ll discover ample room for further professional development. During your shift or project and with extensive training programmes. And when the time for a new direction in your career? Then there are always possibilties for further growth. Be it promotion, becoming more specialised or a totally different career path. The diversity of jobs and professions within KLM means there’s a good chance that you’ll find something that suits you. It really is up to you to identify the possibilities and seize them with both hands.

Life at KLM


Travel, technical, the blue uniform or the Dutch mentality: every KLM’er has been attracted at one time or another to ‘something’ at KLM, the Royal Dutch Airline. During the past one hundred years and more, many people have flown, worked, pioneered and laughed with us. Some, even, from school-leaver until their pension. We can only realise our ambitions with their commitment, ideas and mindset: moving your world by creating memorable experiences.

Diversity & Inclusion

At KLM we believe in the strength of diversity and inclusion. What else would you expect from a company that has been flying across the globe for more than one hundred years? By embracing our differences we make it easier to connect with our customers, society and each other. Our colleagues, originating from 74 countries, demonstrate that. Every day, again and again. At KLM you’ll find an inclusive atmosphere where you can be yourself regardless of what your passport states, your religious beliefs or your domestic situation. In short: it’s not who, but how you are.

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