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Exploring Career Opportunities with Air Canada

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Air Canada is Canada’s largest airline, with its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. It employs thousands of people in a variety of roles, including pilots, flight attendants, ground crew, customer service agents, and administrative staff. If you’re interested in a career with Air Canada, here are some potential job opportunities:

  1. Flight Attendant – As a flight attendant, you will be responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of Air Canada’s passengers. You will help passengers board and exit the aircraft, provide food and beverages, and respond to any questions or concerns they may have.
  2. Pilot – Air Canada employs both commercial and military pilots. As a pilot, you will be responsible for flying Air Canada’s aircraft and ensuring the safety of passengers and crew.
  3. Customer Service Agent – As a customer service agent, you will be responsible for checking in passengers, assisting with baggage, and answering questions about flights and schedules.
  4. Baggage Handler – As a baggage handler, you will be responsible for loading and unloading baggage and cargo from Air Canada’s aircraft.
  5. Administrative Staff – Air Canada also employs a variety of administrative staff, including accountants, human resources professionals, and marketing and sales representatives.

To apply for a job at Air Canada, visit their website at https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/about/careers.html. Here you can browse available positions and apply online.

Corporate Responsibility

Air Canada has a proud history of supporting it’s employees, customers and communities as well making great efforts to minimize our environmental footprint. 

Careers Blog

Looking for information about our people, our values, our events, career paths and so much more? We share all of that with you on our blog!

Discover how each Air Canada employee has the opportunity to be their best self and to play a unique role in achieving Air Canada’s ambition. Because at the end of the day, we all want to know who we’ll be working with and what it takes to be successful at Air Canada.

Total Rewards


We value your total wellbeing and that of your family; that is why we offer you a wide variety of benefit plans, including health and dental, while our wellbeing platform provides tools and resources to help you live your best life.


We are committed to providing you with performance-based plans that generate greater earnings potential and programs that help you balance your work with your life.


Our employees may also benefit from a retirement plan specific to their employee group and designed to provide them with greater financial security.

Our Culture

When you join Air Canada, you become an ambassador for the country we represent, proudly flying the flag and sharing the best of Canada around the world. We are passionate in our shared ambition to become a Top Ten Airline in everything we do and we share a common understanding of how we will achieve it as one team. We are proud of our 80-year history, and excited about our future.


At Air Canada, we value innovation, accountability and ownership – and will provide you with tools to shape your personal experience and set your career goals and path in motion. We’re an organization of many skilled and experienced workers representing a variety of fields, so knowledge sharing and informal networks are encouraged to help you reach your full potential and helps unlock the potential in others so that we can all grow both professionally and personally.

Air Canada supports training and development. Whether technical or leadership, we encourage ongoing development of employees. There’s access to formal training or self-serve options, for those who prefer to learn at their own pace.

Jobs TitleLocation
Maintenance Electrician – Facilities – (CAT 24) – 32035  TORONTO, ON, Canada
Facilities Maintenance Mechanic – (CAT 27) – HVAC – 32034  TORONTO, ON, Canada
Full Stack Developper – Trans-Canada Capital – 31567  MONTREAL, QC, Canada
Care Specialist – Temporary – 31352  DORVAL, QC, Canada
Counsel, Labour and Employment Law – 32037  DORVAL, QC, Canada
Ground Support Equipment Technician – (CAT 23) – 32032  VANCOUVER, BC, Canada
Operations Engineering Manager – Cargo – 29964  DORVAL, QC, Canada
Fare Availability Optimization Manager – 30670  DORVAL, QC, Canada
Ramp Agent (Station Attendant) – Cargo – 31452  TORONTO, ON, Canada
Cabin Service and Cleaning Attendant – 31381  VANCOUVER, BC, Canada
Cabin Service and Cleaning Attendant – 31364  DORVAL, QC, Canada
Cabin Service and Cleaning Attendant – 31348  CALGARY, AB, Canada
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